Welcome to GymWise

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Gymnastics is a foundation sport that develops all the fundamental movement skills required to succeed in any other sport. Participating in gymnastics or trampolining offers many benefits. As well as the obvious health benefits such as improved fitness, flexibility and strength, it also brings other equally important benefits such as fun, new friendships, elegance, self-esteem and confidence all rolled into one. That is why at GymWise as well as helping every child to reach their full potential in gymnastics or trampolining, the emphasis is on helping your child to enjoy these truly amazing sports.

At GymWise we offer fun recreational gymnastics and trampolining classes for all children from school age (5 years or 4 years if at full time school) to 17 years old. Our aim is to give every child that attends our classes the confidence and opportunity to reach their full potential in gymnastics or trampolining in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

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